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The Great British Baking Show

Follow the trials and tribulations of passionate amateur bakers whose goal is to be named the U.K.’s best. Each week, the bakers tackle a different skill, the difficulty of which increases as the competition unfolds.


Season 5
Episode 13
Armed with sieves and spatulas, they show their signature sponge puddings, flat breads,...
Season 5
Episode 12
From the queen of puddings to chocolate tea cakes, jam doughnuts, fraisier cake and...
Season 5
Episode 11
Mary and Paul demonstrate step by step baking tips for a handful recipes. This...
Season 5
Episode 10
After weeks of pastries, cakes, and bread, three bakers have made it to the Final. But...
Season 5
Episode 9
There are only four bakers left vying for a place in the much sought after final. It’s...
Season 5
Episode 8
It’s the biscuit-based quarter final, and the challenges are on another level. A place in...
Season 5
Episode 7
Facing three sweet dough challenges, the bakers start their campaign with Signature buns...
Season 5
Episode 6
This week, it’s all about puddings. The bakers go all out to impress Mary and Paul with...
Season 5
Episode 5
This week, the bakers turn their attention to pies. With several bakers in the danger...
Season 5
Episode 4
This week, the bakers get their dessert as they face three challenges all designed for a...
Season 5
Episode 3
Things are heating up in the Baking Show tent in Episode 3 as the remaining 10 bakers do...
Season 5
Episode 2
Eleven bakers attempt to make bread-- flatbread, plaited loaves, and bagels. The revered...
Season 5
Episode 1
The first episode is all about cake and the pressure is on from the very first challenge...


Celebrate Easter with Paul and Mary. Premieres March 31, 2018.
Showcasing everyone’s festive favorites, Paul and Mary divulge in real detail how to make...


Follow passionate amateur bakers whose goal is to be named the U.K.’s best.

Upcoming Episodes

Wed 12/4, 2:00pm
Christmas Masterclass

In the countdown to Christmas, Paul bakes St. Lucia buns and mincemeat and marzipan couronne. Mary tackles French galette, Genoa cake, and white chocolate and ginger cheesecake. Paul's showstopper kranskake is a spectacular tower of delicate...