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Antiques Roadshow

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is part adventure, part history lesson, and part treasure hunt! Watch as specialists from the country's leading auction houses and independent dealers offer free appraisals of antiques and collectibles, revealing fascinating truths about family treasures and flea market finds.


Season 24
Episode 31
Travel to Rosecliff mansion in this half-hour RECUT for finds like a Jean-Michel Basquiat...
Season 24
Episode 30
Newport treasures delight in this half-hour RECUT episode from the grounds of Rosecliff...
Season 24
Episode 29
Learn about historical treasures as they are appraised in a Gilded Age mansion! In this...
Season 24
Episode 28
Experience ROADSHOW’s groundbreaking visit to Rosecliff mansion when, for the first time...
Season 24
Episode 27
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW has elected to showcase fantastic finds related to American politics in...
Season 24
Episode 26
Electing and collecting: These two great American traditions combine in one historic half...
Season 24
Episode 7
Head to California’s capital city for standout appraisals at Crocker Art Museum like 1934...
Season 24
Episode 6
Watch wow-worthy West Fargo appraisals at Bonanzaville such as a 1919 Babe Ruth Home Run...
Season 24
Episode 5
Travel to the Midwest—and back in time—with amazing appraisals at pioneer town...
Season 24
Episode 4
Travel with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW to Bonanzaville in West Fargo for the biggest find of the...
Season 24
Episode 3
Wrap up ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s first-ever visit to Delaware with incredible appraisals...
Season 24
Episode 2
Discover Delaware treasures appraised at Winterthur Museum, Garden...
Season 24
Episode 1
Experience an all-new season of exceptional items appraised at distinctive, historic...


Trash or treasure? Discover the value of ordinary peoples' antique treasures.